A fashion magazine has taken photoshop way too far, once again.

The cover reads, “Zooey! On being normal,” but “normal” is not what we’re calling this. The beautifully quirky Zooey Deschanel posed for InStyle’s August 2014 cover in an awesome purple Prada dress. But instead of focusing on the fashion, we can’t get past the fact that something is so strange about this photo. The “adorkable” star of FOX’s The New Girl looks like a bobble head! Tons of fans are in agreement about the obvious photoshopping, claiming that Deschanel resembles actor Jared Leto more than herself! (We find this hilariously accurate, but also slightly disturbing.)

While we normally love the look of Deschanel’s big blue eyes, InStyle has done some tweaking. On the cover, they magically appear much closer together, and it just looks weird. Plus, her skin is so flawless, which is pretty true in real life, but it’s clear to see something has been done to erase any lines or imperfections.

Deschanel doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with her cover. The starlet Tweeted the image with that caption “Hooray!” Clearly, she likes the way she looks, which is great, but we’re still pointing the shame finger at InStyle and calling this photoshop job a total fail. We think Zooey looks much prettier without all of that editing! Check out the cover for yourself, and tell us what you think.

instyle magazine cover zooey deschanel august 2014

Does Zooey Deschanel look like Jared Leto on the cover of InStyle?

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