New York Fashion Week 2014 hit the Big Apple with a bang last Thursday. The highly anticipated biannual event is our very own fashion mecca, where the hopefuls, the established, and the dreamers come to learn, share, and impress with their stylized sets for the Fall/Winter 2014 season. Interested in the trends that will be coming through next September? Take a peek at our trend prediction from this Fashion Week:

Chunky and Polished

To our relief, the trend of chunky, oversized sweaters continues. The only difference is their refinement, as many designers have taken it the next level by creating fluffy, polished sweaters that can be dressed up and down. Take a peek at Milly’s runway looks from Fashion Week:





The designer pairs the fluffy sweaters with slacks and flowing midi skirts, which is giving us some serious excitement for the return of the colder seasons. Milly’s has created a hybrid of the style, and has fashioned the luxe fluff into ankle length, body hugging skirts. Pairing metallic prints and sequined adorned skirts with the soft tops is another trend we’re calling.

The amazing jewelry featured in the Milly show was from Eleanor Kalle. Welcome to your new jewelry obsession.

Have a higher fashion calling? Check out The Row’s version of the refined chunky sweatshirt:

The Row
Vintage-y Floral Prints

Wildfox hit the runway this year meaning some serious business with floral prints. Unlike current florals, these prints invoke a more vintage-y vibe, bringing up thoughts of fine china and aged, high society décor. We’ll admit, the print almost reminds us of an old floral wallpaper, but the design makes it work in more ways than one. They make for a hyper-feminine look, but are soft enough to be compatible with most fashion.




Bright Joins Black

Kate Spade, Alexander Wang, and several other designers have struck a more vibrant influence for their collections to the catwalk. Black is also overly present, but we’re not surprised that black is the “new black”. Alexander Wang’s designs mixed dark black clothing with bright purples, blues, and even neon for a stunning look:

alexander wang2

alexander wang

Watch for these trends in the Fall and Winter, we’re calling them now. Check out more of the designers catwalk styles here.

What is your favorite NYFW trend so far?

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