Being a yogi (although I do hate to self-proclaim that), I’m always interested in trying out different athletic clothing. I believe as a fashionista (I also hate to self-proclaim that!) that it’s truly important to love what you wear when you workout. I was lucky enough to give amazing yoga pants from Daub + Design a try, and let’s just say, Lululemon, watch out!

It all started last week (Friday to be exact), when I woke up super early (5:30 AM, which is VERY early for me). Anyway, I woke up at 5:30 AM and decided to head to the 7 AM yoga class at Yoga to the People on St. Marks in New York City. When I woke up, I was feeling, to be honest, a little on the bloated side (damn you, last night’s Chipotle). The last thing I wanted to do was squeeze into a pair of tight yoga pants. So you can imagine how happy I was when I slipped on my Adriana Leggings, which weren’t just smooth on my skin, but also VERY forgiving and didn’t constrict me at all.

yoga pants daub + design

As I sprinted to the train, I was stopped by a fellow early bird who commented on how pretty my yoga pants were. I explained that they are hand-dyed, yes — hand-dyed by owner Lexi Soukoreff and her team in Vancouver, which of course impressed the Early Bird, as she sensed that each pair is pretty one-of-a-kind.  Once I got to the studio and began my Downward Dogs, Warriors, and Seated Twists, I was plenty surprised to find that again, not once did I feel like the waist was too tight. The leggings just moved with my body and allowed me to go deeper into my poses with confidence.

The leggings are available on Daub + Design’s website and they cost $89, which is competitive to other decent yoga clothing retailers. But these offer a little something more: flexibility, durability and cute designs! What’s not to love? Head over to Daub + Design for more information.

What do you think of these yoga pants?