Photshoot of the day- Mariana Rinaldi blogger campaign- Main campaign ad
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Size has been an ongoing issue in the fashion industry for decades. What is considered fashionable and who are designers creating for?  The idea of the plus size model has always had blurred lines, because what exactly is considered plus size? You rarely ever get to see curvier women walk down the runway or in a top fashion magazine.

Italian luxury plus size brand, Marina Rinaldi, wanted to put an end to the models that show off their clothes; instead they enlisted 12 plus size bloggers from around the world to represent their brand. In a new campaign called, “Women Are Back” the natural curves of the average woman is celebrated.

Over the last year there seems to be a revolution of sort in the fashion industry about the size of models.  This past week in Paris was Pulp Fashion Week, giving a full week of glamorous clothing on full figured women.  Pulp, which in French translates to luscious fruit, was sponsored by French group Histoire de Courbes who want to celebrate all women’s curves.  Many French designers used this as a time to show off their collection the way they want it to be made including; La Belle Affranchise, Tika Soomka, and Marsye Richardson.

The fashion week was a hit, but there are always going to be those in the fashion industry that believe skinnier is better. Channel’s Karl Lagerfeld being one of them. He has stated in interviews that,”no one wants to see curvy women on the catwalk.” A French rights association is suing Lagerfeld for defamatory and discriminatory comments.

The Mariana Rinaldi campaign comes at the perfect time in fashion history, a time when those are fighting for equality in fashion.  The 12 bloggers consist of Gabbie Greg, Marie Denee, Goergina Horne, Katya Zharkova, and Stephanie Zwicky.  The bloggers were flown out to Milan where they were photographed by photographer Ricardo Vimercati, who has captured top models worldwide for editorials, advertisements, and portraits.  As a result were twelve stunning and drop dead gorgeous pictures to help promote the Milan Marina Rinaldi storefront. Photshoot of the day- Mariana Rinaldi blogger campaign- first row

Photshoot of the day- Mariana Rinaldi blogger campaign- second row

Photshoot of the day- Marian

Photshoot of the day- Mariana Rinaldi blogger campaign- fourth row

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