Winter doesn’t officially begin until December, but as New Yorkers, our cold days start a little premature. The chill in the air has us reaching for our winter gear to bundle up and get cozy. What better way to do this than to wear mittens that will keep your fingers warm while of course still staying stylish. Mittens are so adorable and super fun when you find the right color or pattern. To help you pick a pair perfect for you, we rounded up our favorite looks to sport this season. The best part? They’re all from Etsy! Scroll through and let us know which ones you love.

1.  Hearts | $10.96

heart mittens

These grey gloves will match everything in your closet. The heart gives some special detail that we love.

2. Snowflake | $39.00

Snowflake mittens

This snowflake pattern looks so cozy and warm. Perfect for those really chilly days.

3. Icelandic Mittens | $24.00

Icelandic mittens

For a little pop of color without being overbearing, these Icelandic mittens are a perfect pattern for everyday wear.

4. Fingerless | $28.00


Don’t worry about missing that important phone call. These gloves will allow you to change your music and text easily.

 5. Wool | $35.00


If simplicity is more your style, then these are for you. Just a hint of detailing was added here.

6. Owl Mittens| $27.50

owl mittens

Make a cute little statement with this adorable pair.

7. Leather Mittens| $75.00

leather gloves

Okay, these are a bit on the pricey side, but you have to admit, they are the chicest pair of mittens you’ve ever seen!

Which pair of mittens is your favorite?

My name is Juliet Giambona and am currently enrolled in my senior year at LIM College for Fashion Merchandising. I am very interested to further my knowledge in public relations in the fashion industry.