NYFW is a week full of fashion, celebrities, and after-parties. And of course, everything is pretty much closed off to the public. As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week announced a few months ago, from now on, the shows will be more exclusive – which means your chances of getting invited by your internship “connections” are extremely slim.

Besides not being an A-lister, designer, or big-name editor, there are a lot of reasons you’re not invited to NYFW. But don’t feel bad that you’re not important enough, at least you can compare yourself to the hilarious girls from Bridesmaids.

 Reasons You’re Not Going to NYFW:

1. More than half of the things that are talked about in the fashion industry don’t make sense to you.

what is happening gif

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2. Besides, you care way too much about food and comfort to be bothered with high fashion.

food in teeth gif

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Why look like a model when you can eat your body weight in pizza?

3. Dressing up would mean having to shave your legs. And that’s just not an option.

that's prickly gifc

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4. You don’t have anything trendy enough to wear — and your H&M wardrobe won’t cut it.

help me i'm poor gif

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5. You can’t pronounce any of the designers’ names.

ill just say this

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6. You don’t exactly act with the same level of grandeur as everyone else in attendance.

megan burping bridesmaids

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7. You’d probably want to touch every cool thing in sight.

oh that's nice

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8. You’d get more excited about the free samples than you would for the actual show.

It's fo free GIF

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Free Sweet’N Low martinis?! Thanks, I’ll take two.

9. It’d be too hard to control yourself if you saw someone famous.

i'm going to climb that like a tree

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10. You might feel inclined to drink just to calm your jitters.

glass of alcohol gif

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11. You might get caught up in the fantasy that, at any moment, you might get discovered.

bridesmaids drunk walk

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You probably won’t.

12. The dark room and loud music would make you want to pull a Taylor Swift and start dancing during the show.

megan dancing gif

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13. It’s likely that you’d have a mental breakdown as soon as you saw all of the models.

more beautiful than cinderella bridesmaids

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14. You’d want to own every runway outfit, but wouldn’t be able to afford a single one.

bridesmaids gif

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Please, it doesn’t even look like it’s worth that much.

15. Let’s face it. You’ll probably never gain access to an exclusive show unless you pretend to be someone super important.

mrs iglesias bridesmaids

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So cheers to not being invited! We like it better in yoga pants, anyway.


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What will you be doing instead of going to NYFW?