Nowadays, people want to spend less time and effort in getting rid of unwanted body hair, and most are opting to get laser hair treatment. In fact, this procedure is so popular that the aesthetic laser market is expected to grow at CAGR of 7.5% in the next four years. Hair removal has become an integral part of people’s grooming routine, and since shaving or waxing at home actually takes work, some individuals are choosing to leave this grooming practice to professionals. If you are tired of shaving or waxing your unwanted body hair every week and dealing with its side effects, here are the main reasons why laser hair treatment is a great option.

It effectively reduces hair growth

Because of the procedure itself, laser hair removal can actually inhibit future hair growth. It is a medical procedure that uses a beam of light that heats the skin. This heat is absorbed by the skin and effectively destroys hair follicles. This process leads to a delay in hair growth and can even reach a point where unwanted hair does not grow back. It may even prevent the hassle of shaving or waxing every week.

This procedure is also ideal if one wants a long-term solution for unwanted hair. Laser hair removal can take a few sessions to see lasting results, but it’s worth it since people report less or even zero hair growth after undergoing this treatment. After these few sessions, maintenance or grooming becomes easier, also making the procedure very cost effective.

It is practically painless

One of people’s main concerns about laser hair removal treatment is the pain factor. After understanding how the procedure works, one would easily think that it would be painful. However, the pain from this type of treatment may be more tolerable than you think, especially with the newer lasers that spas and treatment centers use today, according to most board certified dermatologists. The laser beams move fast on an area, so one would barely feel the heat coming from it. New machines also emit cold sprays to further lessen the possible pain one might feel. Some people even say that hair plucking is more painful than a laser treatment. Compared to other methods like waxing, which can be excruciating, laser hair treatment is definitely more bearable.

It can reach every nook and cranny

The problem with other methods is that there is difficulty in removing hair from hard-to-reach areas, like one’s back or the bikini area. These body parts are also usually sensitive, so methods like waxing can be really painful. The laser beam used in the procedure can easily target and reach specific areas where there is unwanted  hair growth.

It prevents ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is hair that grows in the skin instead of out of it. This leads to skin irritation and even medical problems. Improper hair removal is the most common cause of ingrown hair, according to a study done by Amy S. Paller MD and Anthony J. Mancini MD in 2011, so methods like shaving, plucking, and even waxing can cause this problem. Laser hair removal avoids this because it targets the hair follicles at the roots.

Smooth and beautiful skin is now easily attainable, thanks to laser hair removal treatments. Make sure to get your treatment done by a trained professional or a board certified dermatologist to get the best results.