Having the perfect wedding dress for your big day is something that many brides dream about. But in today’s world, the price of gowns are going up, up and up. However, if you’re creative and crafty, you could end up with your dream dress for under $50.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Reddit user alkikat, who crocheted her own wedding dress while commuting to work. Yes, you read that correctly. Alkikat posted photos along with a time-lapse video of the process on Reddit. “I crocheted my lace wedding dress on the bus during my work commute for about 5 months. The dress is a pattern I designed with a commonly used pineapple stitch,” she wrote.

crochet wedding dress cheap inexpensive

Not only did the dress turn out beautifully, but it only cost $30 according to the DIY bride. “The dress was practically free because I didn’t spend much money on it (under $30 for all of the materials including fabric for the lining) and I didn’t spend much extra time on it. My commute time couldn’t be used for anything else anyway,” she added.

And while most gowns are only good for a one-time use, Alkikat said she plans on wearing hers again since it is machine washable and is so easy to change up. The whole thing is actually pretty incredible. Just look at these photos! Alkikat looked stunning on her big day and saved a ton of money. Not to mention how special it is to design and create your own wedding day outfit — something that can be passed on for generations. You go, crafty bride! H/t The Huffington Post.

What do you think of this wedding dress idea?