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We are strong believers in the power of flowers. And so was 11th century Persian physician Ibni-i-Sina (Avicenna), who spoke extensively on the amazing effects of roses. He likened their health benefits to today’s “mind-body” therapy. In fact, during the blooming season the ill were carried to and submerged in wells filled with rose pulp residue. (Micozzi)

So while everyone may not get (or even want) a bouquet of long stems for V-Day, there are a number of amazing rose-scented products that you can douse yourself in like they used to do back in Avicienna’s day (you know, without the hassle of getting hoisted into a rose well). Plus, these products will surely last you much, much longer. One thing is clear, whether you’re single or hitched, the sweet smell of roses has the potential to brighten your day—and potentially your skin too. A double win.  


Suds up with  Anatomicals shower gel which is a soothing combination of aloe vera and witch hazel combined with the fragrant smell of jasmine and roses.


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After getting head to toe clean, this gentle hydrating and toning mask from Fresh is infused with rosewater and petals that is designed to not only stimulate your sense of smell, but also thanks to the aloe cucumber and green tea extracts it promises to brighten and protect skin from inflammation.




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Glycerin has long been praised as a moisturizer for the skin, but when combined with rose water, it makes a light and sweet smelling refresher for the hair. A little goes a long way and is perfect to bring luster and a hint of spring to dry ends.


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We all know that this winter has been particularly brutal, and because of constant exposure to water and other elements hands can get especially dry. That’s why this hand and foot cream from The Body Shop is a such a sweet (smelling) deal.





Finally, Smith’s Rosebud Salve has been around since 1892 and is considered by many as the holy grail of lip balms. Its patented formula is perfectly heavy enough to make lips kissably soft for any occasion.

What are some of your favorite floral beauty finds?