When it comes to getting engaged, there seems to be one traditional that has stuck for years and years: the ring. For many, it’s the symbol that two people are on their way to becoming one solid unit. And since every relationship is different, we think it’s important to have a ring reflect the couple you are and the uniqueness of your partnership. That’s why this Wednesday, we’ve tracked down seven beautiful vintage engagement rings on Etsy that are truly showstoppers. Our picks feature interesting designs, bold stone colors and of course, a good back story.

And because they are indeed vintage, whichever one speaks to you, it will be one of a kind, just like you two. So whether you’re traditional with a bit of an edge or a couple that totally enjoys going rogue, there’s something for you. Scroll through our list and let us know which one of these engagement rings is your favorite!

vintage engagement ring diamond

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring | WilsonBrothers, $3.399.00

vintage engagement ring sapphire

Vintage Sapphire Engagement Ring | ErinAntiques, $800.00

vintage engagement ring romantic

Vintage Romantic Engagement Ring | LadyRoseVintageJewel, 1,349.99

vintage engagement ring round cut

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | WilsonBrothers, $1,499.00

vintage engagement ring white

Jelly Opal Engagement Ring | Empire Of Gold, $1,450.00

vintage engagement ring diamond and sapphire

Late Edwardian Engagement Ring | JamieKatesJewelry, $3,000.00

vintage engagement rings art deco

Art Deco Engagement Ring| Erin Antiques, $1,100.00

Which of these vintage engagement rings is your favorite?

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