We have to be transparent, we really love Victoria’s Secret. We’re just fans of the brand, we can’t help it. So you can imagine how devastated we (and anyone else who loves VS) were when we found out that some stores sell USED underwear.

Okay, let us give you a little bit of a background. Back in 2010, TODAY aired Jeff Rossen’s investigative report that found some outlets like Victoria’s Secret, Walmart and The Gap took back used underwear from customers. But again, that was 2010, and when the retailers were confronted, they said they would clean up their act. Well, apparently cleaning up their act, didn’t necessary mean cleaning up their underwear. Rossen’s team went back this year for a follow-up and found the same disturbing results.

victoria's secret used underwear

In Victoria’s Secret for example, the returned used underwear (which was bought by Rossen’s team) was reportedly re-tagged and put back on the shelves! YES, we’re being serious. No, we’re not joking. The same thing apparently happened at Bloomingdales, Marshalls and Wal-Mart. A statement from the lingerie store stated that they will “re-educate” their associates on the matter. “Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction and safety. The actions you describe are a clear and significant violation of our policy. We take this situation very seriously and are taking immediate action to re-educate all of our associates on the proper way to handle returns.”

Listen, regardless of whether or not it’s a known policy, no one in their right mind should EVER think it’s okay to put used underwear back on the shelves. Hell, there are so many stores that consider all intimates a final sale, and sorry, we agree with that. Watch the video below to see what exactly went down, and be sure to head over to TODAY for more.

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Does this change the way you view Victoria’s Secret?