Cheerio, New York!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will take place in London this year. According to British Vogue, the company, along with models Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel, announced that the show will be on December 2 at Earls Court. “We’re very proud to announce that we’re heading to London this year,” Lima said. “The Victoria’s Secret Show is the biggest fashion show in the world, for sure, so it will be amazing to bring the show to London. I love it here. Especially the shopping!”

victoria's secret fashion show

For the past three years, the show has taken place in New York City, but Ed Razek, the brand’s marketing director, said Victoria’s Secret has been wanting to move the show across the pond since 1998.

Not only is the show getting a new location, but the event is going to have a bigger audience and will be a black-tie affair. Yeah, that seems totally appropriate since there will be girls walking around half-naked in just underwear, but you do you, VS.

Even bigger news is, we may even get a chance to see Cara Delevigne walk in the show! “I’ll let you into a secret,” Razek said. “I told Cara a few days ago and asked her to save the date, so hopefully she will walk. She was excited. And she kept the secret for a whole week!”

We may even get to see Prince Harry in the audience. What a treat! Head over to Vogue for more information.