Kylie Bisutti was, evidently, a Victoria’s Secret Angel at some point. Since leaving the fashion industry in 2012, the model has moved to Montana with her husband and adopted a lifestyle of Christian merit. She’d like you to know about it:

“That’s when it hit me,” Bisutti recalled for bastion of journalistic integrity The New York Post. “I was being paid to strip down and pose provocatively to titillate men. It wasn’t about modeling clothes anymore; I felt like a piece of meat. The next day, I broke down and started sobbing. I was in my bedroom and dropped to my knees and started to pray, saying: ‘God, why did you have me win the Victoria’s Secret Angel competition if it was going to make me feel this way? I’m not honoring my husband. I just want answers!'”

“I realized that I didn’t want to model anything that sold sex,” she reflected.

In case you’re titillated thusfar, Bisutti is releasing a book, the modestly titled I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model, due out May 14.

Image: Vogue UK