If anyone knows how important a nice pair of underwear is, it’s us. But would we go as far as stealing thousands of dollars worth of panties? No. However, there is a woman who did just that, except her motives might be a little more than just wanting nice underwear.

According to the Sun Sentinal, a Florida woman also known as the underwear thief, stole about $53,000 from Victoria’s Secret stores located throughout Florida. She supposedly stole lingerie from the stores and exchanged those items without receipts for a more expensive item. Then, once she got the receipt for those items, she would go to another Victoria’s Secret location and get a refund directly into her bank account. Sounds pretty confusing, huh? Well, if seemed to work out for her.. until now.

She has been arrested with a bail set at $260,000. Oof. Do you know how many pairs of underwear you could buy for that amount of money?
underwear thief

This isn’t the first time that someone has tried a five finger discount at Victoria’s Secret. Just this past September a woman in New Jersey stole 45 pairs of panties from the Willowbrook Mall. And in July, a guy in Georgia stole $1,900 worth of bloomies from Augusta Mall.

It seems to us that people are forgetting about when Victoria’s Secret runs that five for $26 deal on panties — amirite? Also, we get a free pantie coupon like, once a month, directly mailed to our homes. Don’t take advantage people!

What do you think of the underwear thief?