It’s time to recap Under The Gunn!

Mondo has two designers left, and Anya and Nick have one each. I’m still unclear on what that means, but okay. The designers meet Tim Gunn at a comic book shop and Tim Gunn’s a superhero fighting crimes against fashion!

For their next challenge, the designers will create garments inspired by a Marvel superhero. Here’s who they choose:

Sam: Hawkeye

Shan: Captain Marvel

Asha: Falcon

Oscar: Gamora

 Well, we’re only a few minutes into this episode and the comic book-style “special effects” are driving me nuts. The word bubbles, the cartooning, the speed whiskers, enough already!

The designers sketch and then take life-sized cardboard cutouts of their characters to Mood before heading back to the workroom. Asha has never draped pants before, so she’s draping pants for this challenge. She asks Oscar for help, so maybe she never noticed that they are competitors. Sam is lounging on a couch reading his Hawkeye comic book and thinking about his family and getting all glum and gloom.


 Shan is shredding and cutting leather without having sketched a single stroke. He’s waiting for fabric to speak to him, but it’s staying awfully quiet. Anya’s hoop earrings are ridiculously huge. Like I keep expecting Shan to jump through them. In 1992. Nick is taking a step back from his usual hands-on mentoring, and he lets Oscar sort of figure things out on his own. Then Tim Gunn speaks genuine and meaningful words to Asha, and Mondo is wearing an insane skeleton shirt and a rosebud backwards baseball cap, and it’s all highly distracting. Then, there’s Sam. He’s color blocking and polka dots and Tim Gunn says, “I think it’s smashing!” Smashing! That’s good, right?

On Day two, Shan still has no idea what he’s doing, and is just totally unmotivated. The models arrive and it inspires him to shred up a little black leather dress that looks pretty decent. Everyone is being so earnest and hopeful. Oscar pets the coat he made, and it’s nicely constructed but totally boring and maybe a little too much of a cape costume. Asha’s garment is fairly awful, and she’s not even close to finished and her zipper falls off moments before the runway. Sam’s also sewing something completely mediocre, so Mondo may be down to one designer.



The judges this week are Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Rachel Roy and Jaimie Alexander who is starring in Thor.

Oscar’s cape coat is stipid, because it does nothing that a coat is supposed to do and just looks…flappy. Asha’s flowing top and skinny pants are nice, but nice doesn’t necessarily win. Sam’s look is awful. The top is ordinary sale rack material, and the polka dot pants are sloppy. I don’t understand how this relates toa  superhero, except for the dots. Shan’s slashed leather dress is cuite, but the knitwear under dress thing is very Hot Topic.

The judges find Oscar’s look to be a combination of high fashion and costume. In other words, they are torn more than Shan’s garment. Shan’s concept is strong—his superhero got into a fight on the way to an event, and this is the result. “Sexy, cool, edgy, editorial, all at the same time.” Asha is seriously stretching it with her explanation of how this ties into her superhero. The judges give it a “meh.” And now, Sam. Oh, poor Sam. Poor delusional Sam and his depressing garments. The judges leave it to Rachel Roy, and she takes a pitying tone when she calls his design “mundane.” For some reason everyone is crying, and Jen Rade “would buy those pants tomorrow.” Yeah, well, notice how she wouldn’t buy those pants today?


Shan and Oscar are moving forward to the finale. Between Asha and Sam (both of Mondo’s designers), Sam is in the finale. And so is Asha. Because this is feel-good television.

 Next week, it’s the finale and Heidi Klum makes a guest appearance!