It’s Product Placement Week on Under The Gunn, with a vampire-themed challenge. The designers are lost in a foggy graveyard and must gather up to five bolts of fabric and as many unconventional materials as they can grab in ten minutes. Ooh! Spooky!


Kooky Cuckoo is so in her element, as is Michelle who’s a little goth. “This glitter’s about to be everywhere.” “I’ve been cutting the wings off so many bats!” Asha has a beautiful red birds nest bodice in the works, but it’s looking a little sloppy. Maybe when she adds feathers and berries it’ll be better? I don’t know. It has potential. When in doubt, add feathers. Mondo’s sort of blah about his team’s decisions and can’t even relate to Sam’s design which involves a whole lotta bat wings.


Brady has something pretty planned with sequins and tooth spikes, but Anya says he has a tendency of going too junior, so he should smatter it with sophistication. Nicholas has a chain thing happening and it’s just sort of stupid and craft store.

Nick tries to reign in Oscar, who’s going full Rihanna. Kooky Cuckoo is smushing fabric on a form and despite Nick’s repeated efforts, she just looks confused. “We’re not flowing in the same ocean.” Her “signature” look is pointy hips, but ladies don’t like their hips to look big. So there’s a battle over hips. Hungry, hungry hips.

Oh that feathery dress Asha is pasting together? It’s pretty freaking cool. She added a royal purple jacket and it’s making the crimson feathers look classy instead of crafty. Back to the hips. Isabelle and Nick are still fighting over the shape of the dress, and there’s really no resolution. She’s out of control, and Nick should just let her do her thing and get it over with on the runway.


Speaking of the runway, it’s time…for everyone except Isabelle, who is still sewing her dress. Tim Gunn yells at her in the hallway yet again. “No, no, no Isabelle!” It’s like the Lifetime Network gifted the workroom with an unruly baby goat.

The judges this week are Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Trina Turk, and, Zoey Deutch.

Nick’s Group

Natalia’s red dress is sort of hot, until you see it up close. Stephanie’s white dress is weird…it’s poorly constructed and strangling the model. Isabelle’s dress is confusing and crafty. Oscar’s jumpsuit is freaking me out because his model weighs next to nothing.

Anya’s Group

Brady’s cute dress and jacket is definitely wearable, but way too young and safe. Shan’s badass outfit is very wearable. Nicholas’s dress is ordinary, and the chains don’t dress it up very much at all. Blake’s black dress looks bad girl at the prom.

Mondo’s Group

Sam’s cocktail dress looks like a tablecloth at a hoedown. Michelle’s angular outfit is just what this challenge is supposed to be—odd, and eerie. Asha’s feather skirt is fabulous.

The judges love Oscar’s jumpsuit. For Brady, they’re annoyed at Brady’s boring outfit. Asha’s feather skirt is actually crimson red hay. It’s a hit. Hey! Nicholas’s nothing dress with blah chains is a serious snore. Michelle’s dress is simply beautiful. And now, Kooky Cuckoo. The judges think, “welcome to the mothership…like Lady Gaga but not in a good way?”

Kooky Cuckoo is off the hook because “at least you were creative.” Wow, setting the bar pretty low there, eh? Macaroni art is creative, too. The elimination is between Brady and Nicholas. Since they are both on Anya’s team, the judges let Anya decide. She gets rid of Brady, and I get the sense it’s because they just don’t hit it off personally. Anya seems to like people who like Anya. Oh, and the win goes to Michelle.

Next week, a performance outfit for someone I’ve never heard of, and Isabelle pisses of Tim Gunn for the last time.

photos via Lifetime