Finally! The Under the Gunn finale!

Four designers (Sam, Shan, Asha, and Oscar) and all three mentors (Moe, Larry, and Curly) are moving on to the finale. How convenient. The designers will each present a five-look collection created with a $2,500 budget, three long days and the help of a losing contestant.

Sam’s collection is based upon armor. Asha is designing for “Queen Nefertiti In Harlem.” Shan is drained, so he’s got nothing. Nick decided that Oscar’s collection will be about Cuba. And with that, it’s off to Mood in borrowed luxury vehicles.

At Mood, Shan sorts out a hard and soft look and Sam finds a fabric he used in a previous challenge that sang to him. Success!

under the gunn

Back in the workroom, it’s the helpers. Or, the help. We’re not really sure how the dynamic will work just yet. Then, a surprise. Family! I have to say, if I was working my ass off on a reality television show and someone tossed my family at me, I would be seriously pissed. I’m working over here!

Asha’s looks take a costume-y turn when she combines every print ever created. Mondo calls Sam’s collection “The Legend of Zelda,” and that’s coming from someone wearing a yellow fishnet sweater. The nice man in the fancy suit says it looks very fresh, so there. Oscar’s collection sort of freaks Tim Gunn out when Oscar says that he wants to include the cape he created for the last challenge. But Oscar’s on a roll and there’s no reeling him in, so that should be fun. Shan still has, like, nothing. Eventually, Shan settles on a leather and lace combo that is… okay? As Sam says, it’s a little Brittney Spears, which we’ve all seen before and don’t want to ever see again.

Somehow the looks are all finished and it’s off to the runway. I feel like we barely saw any workroom antics and what happened to the helpers? They were non-issues. So weird. Anyway, Jen, Zanna, Rachel and guest judge Neil Patrick Harris and OMG it’s Heidi Klum! Did she lose a bet with Tim Gunn?

under the gunn

Sam’s up first. His geometric gold suit flows nicely into the gold shift dress with the bold yellow stripe down the side. That metallic flouncy skirt is adorable and wearable, and the tank top is flattering. Oh, that net sweatshirt is amazing in a teal blue with those patterned shorts.  I usually hate asymmetrical dresses but that maxi dress is amazing and the bright yellow strap is unexpected and clever.

It’s time for Shan. First for him is a little black shirt and shorts that loses everything on the runway. Next is lace and leather that looks sloppy. A red jumpsuit with cutouts looks Hot Topic-y cheap. He somehow managed to make a frumpy jacket. Why make a frumpy jacket when you can make anything else in the world? That red and nude lace skirt is gorgeous, but it’s paired with a motorcycle jacket that looks sloppy with its net and lace backing.

Asha starts her show with a gorgeous wine red jumpsuit that, oh… it’s not good in the back. Forget what I said before. There’s a gold leather vest top that I would kill someone for and her gold asymmetrical dress is passable but forgettable. Those red leggings are amazing, but I’m not sure what mess she has over it. Then, a crushed velvet wrap dress gown thing. I said crushed velvet. And it looks good, somehow.

Finally, Oscar. First is a little black dress that has a skankadelic quality to it, with a lace cape. Then a kind of a super cool top made out of circles paired with flowing pants. A white tunic with more weird plastic-y circular disc leggings and a shimmery top and pants that I forgot before the model even left the runway. Finally, a boring purple gown with that stupid cape again.

The judges find a lot of merit in Sam’s designs, but they seem to be turning their nose up at the “easy to wear” commercial quality to his looks. Oscar gets lambasted for showing the same looks again, including an unflattering dress with double slits and the same exact coat that he showed in the last challenge. But, some of his designs are beautiful, so he may get a pass. The judges react really well to Asha’s collection, and on second and third glance that gold leather top is amazing. But Heidi hates it, and Neil Patrick Harris is confused and pretty much insults the heck out of Asha when he says “but congratulations on getting a spot.” Shan’s collection is confused and Rachel Roy explains that there are too many ideas in one collection.

So… Sam or Oscar? Well, Shan is the first one out, with Anya trailing behind him. Asha’s also out. And the winner is Oscar. And Nick, I guess. Huh? Well okay. I’m Team Sam and Mondo, but this is nice, too.

under the gunnimages via Lifetime