Great Britain has a lot to be rejoicing about. The country recently celebrated the merriment of Kate and William’s one year anniversary as well as Queen Elizabeth’s 60 year reign. The 2012 Olympics in London this summer gives us all the more reason to focus on dressing like a Brit. With designs so chic from the 2012 fall collections, we can all keep calm and style on!

Regal Fashion

Kate Middleton, or more formally known as, the Duchess of Cambridge is following in the footsteps of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, in becoming a style icon. The Duchess always looks perfectly put together and classy for every event. We could imagine Her Royal Highness dressed in any of these frocks attending an event adorned with a fastener in her impeccably coiffed hair and the Queen on her side.


Michael Kors:

Red White and Blue

The transition from summer to fall can adjust swimmingly with the monochromatic trend of head-to-toe white by adding pops of patriotic red and blue to any wardrobe for a casual or elegant outfit.

(red) Valentino

(all 3) Tory Burch:

(white)White all over, Alexander Wang:

(blue) Stella McCartney:

Hunting and Fishing and Military:

All you need is an English Setter prancing by your side or a planned trip to Warwickshire, England to complete the hunting, fishing and military inspired ensembles on the runways this fall.


Victoria Beckham:

Ralph Lauren: 

Article  by: Hadley Green