Before hitting the road, a woman must make sure she has the essential items in her purse. There won’t always be the opportunity to stop to go in the suitcase for something, so stashing it away in your purse is a good idea. While the list of travel items can vary from person to person, these seven items should be included any time you are traveling.

travel items female purse


Having identification is must for any type of travel. Accidents and police stops are two things that happen on a daily basis for travelers, and without identification comes a plethora of problems you just doesn’t need. If you are out of the country, be sure to keep your passport handy at all times.

Cell Phone

While you certainly need an ID to travel, a cell phone is almost as important. This will allow you to stay connected to loved ones while gone, and it allows you call for help in the event of an emergency. A smartphone can also come in handy for maps and directions, information about where you are traveling and much more.

Phone Charger

Texting and applications take a toll on your battery life. You need a fully charged phone at all times just in case. You may be stuck on the road and need to contact someone. None of that is possible without a charged phone.


Even if you have hotels or entertainment paid for in advance, you never know when you will run into problems. A credit may be useful, but it is not accepted everywhere, especially if you are traveling in a foreign country. Be sure to have enough cash with you to pay for the essentials.


Traveling is a time consuming process and in the process, many thoughts may arise. Forgetting the important details is definitely a possibility, so jotting things down on a notepad is great way to keep those thoughts. Writing in a journal is also a great way to pass the time on long car trips, flights and train rides.

Bleach Bright Pen

All the coffee and snacks consumed on the road have probably stained your teeth, but the Bleach Bright pen can bring back a shining smile. Maintaining white teeth is important, especially if you are traveling for business. Your smile won’t suffer if you keep this touch up pen handy.


If you have been applying makeup your entire life, then you understand its importance. The need to look your best is necessary for many events. When a girl looks in the mirror, she wants to look beautiful, even if its on the road. Consider getting lightweight and compact essentials for your makeup routine so you can feel your best without taking your entire bathroom with you.

A girl’s purse can consist of a lot of things, but if you are headed out on the road you’ll these essential travel items to be useful. To ensure a safe and fun road trip, pack your purse with these basics.

What are must-have travel items?

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