Keeping illegal guns off the streets isn’t exactly something many people feel they have control over… until now.

Armani Exchange has partnered with Liberty United to create the new Torc Bracelet. This chic piece of arm candy is made entirely out of recycled illegal guns and bullets.

Peter Thum, CEO and founder of Liberty United explains in a promo video that the idea all started while he was working on a project in Africa. While Thum was there, he met young kids that were armed with illegal assault rifles. “Over the last three years we’ve destroyed about 35,000 guns in Africa,” says Thum. Now he’s bringing Liberty United’s mission to the US, where the company will work together with police forces to obtain illegal gunmetal in cities all over the country and turn them into something pretty amazing. All of the profits from the Torc bracelet sales will directly fund educational programs for children in the same cities where the materials were received.

What we love about Torc bracelets (besides the fact that they help educate people about gun use) is that they are all one of a kind. Each bracelet has a unique serial number on it, matching the number on the gun it was recycled from. It’s also worth mentioning how much the Torc reminds us of another fabulous jewelry designer we love… can somebody say David Yurman? Need. this. bracelet. now.
torc bracele

Armani Exchange has pledged to donate $1 to Liberty United programs that aim to reduce gun violence every time you use the hash tag #OpenArms on Instagram or Twitter this month. Yes, you read that correctly. Showing your support for the fight against gun violence is as easy as tweeting, posting, and (most importantly) buying yourself some new jewelry. Pinch us, we must be dreaming!

Would you buy the Torc bracelet?

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