The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night, so naturally millions of people tuned in to watch the gorgeous models parade down the runway in some stunningly skimpy outfits. The models all looked flawless and overall, the spectacle did not disappoint the viewers.

Apart from the models themselves, there were pretty memorable moments in the show, some more having to do with the audience members and performers. If you missed the show or if you were maybe on a snack break during one of the performances (we know — nothing makes us want a brownie more than watching a dozen of the world’s skinniest women walk around half naked), here is a recap of five of the show’s most memorable moments.

1. Taylor Swift’s performance

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss sequins(via)

Taylor Swift’s presence as a performer at the show was definitely a highlight. First off, she is just as gorgeous as any of the models and looked right at home up on that stage. Not only did she look dazzling in both of her outfits, she had a great time, and she really hit it off with model Karlie Kloss. The two, both in gorgeous sequinned outfits, sang and danced with each other — they had never met before the show but they’re apparently close now. Taylor also wore a fabulous Great Britain pride outfit.

VS fashion show Taylor Swfit(via)

2. Emoticon-inspired “clothing”

this-model-had-a-huge-smiley-face-in-place-of-wings(Model Elsa Hosk, via)

Emojis have taken over the world of interpersonal communication, so it makes perfect sense that they made an appearance at the VS Fashion Show as clothing. The designers got really funky with these pieces, and the fun, vibrant outfits provided a nice contrast to all of the fluffy white angel wings and sequins. We can only hope giant yellow smiley face back medallions are in for 2014, right?

3. The 2013 Fantasy Bra

VS fashion show fantasy bra(Model Candace Swanepoel, via)

The VS Fashion Show wouldn’t be complete without the Royal Fantasy Bra, which is the really expensive and elaborate pièce de résistance. In the past, they have been shown off by the likes of Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima. This year, the Fantasy Bra was worn by South African model Candice Swanepoel. Created by jeweler Mouawad, the $10 million piece of lingerie had over 4,200 gems. As if the jewel-encrusted bra wasn’t enough, there is a 52-karat ruby dangling from its center.

4. Adam Levine as the trophy boyfriend


Adam Levine scored a front row seat to support his girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo, and apparently seemed rather uninterested in the fashion show until it was Prinsloo’s turn, in which case he stood up, gave her a standing ovation, then sat back down and continued to not be interested in the other women.  How romantic.

5. Pete Wentz in a man skirt

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show(via)

While Taylor Swift was the most unforgettable performer, Fall Out Boy also made a pretty memorable appearance. I’m sure they were not opposed to standing on stage with gorgeous, scantily clad women parading around them. The models weren’t the only ones making fashion statements, as Pete Wentz was sporting a man skirt. While he was wearing it during the Great Britain portion of the show, we can’t help but wonder if this outfit choice was at all Kanye-inspired.

What was your favorite moment of the VS Fashion Show?