The designers really pulled out all the stops this year for their ad campaigns, and by that we mean that things went a little wonky. Burberry had a make-out session, models of Jean Paul Gaultier channeled ’80s legends like David Bowie, Chanel visited outer space, owls accompanied Cara Delevingne on the floor for Mulberry, and so, so much more. We’re narrowed down this year’s plethora of ad creativity to five must-sees, and well, you must see them.

1. MULBERRY, Fall 2013

top ad campaigns mulberry

We weren’t kidding about the owls. This shot by Tim Walker has Cara Delevingne, perhaps the most-sought model of the year, on the floor with the birds in an Alice in Wonderland meets Snow White-type concept, wearing an absolutely beautiful Mulberry leather coat and gloves ensemble.

2. CHRISTIAN DIOR, Spring 2013

top ad campaigns dior

Nothing gets us excited for spring collections like a perfectly surreal shot, this one by Willy Vanderperre. One could say we’re Dada for it. The starkly white background mixed with the minimalist shapes and objects accentuate the ensembles perfectly, worn by Daiane Conterato, Anna Martynova, and Marie Piovesan.

3. CHANEL, Fall 2013

top ad campaigns chanel

You’ll probably find it as unsurprising as we did that it was Karl Lagerfeld himself who conceived of and snapped this shot. Chanel takes to space in this creative photo shoot, in which models Soo Joo, Chiharu Okunugi and Ashleigh Good wear some feminine yet domineering numbers

4. LANVIN, Fall 2013

top ad campaigns lanvin

Cindy Sherman fans surely perked up their ears (or eyes?) at this ad campaign, which featured the model Edie Campbell in six different Sherman character-like concepts,

5. JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, Spring 2013

top ad campaigns jean paul gaultier

This ad campaign certainly isn’t subtly hinting at any era, now is it? We’ve got Madonna (Ginta Lapina), Grace (Jenell Williams), Boy George (Maria Kashleva), and David Bowie (Hannelore Knuts) in this ’80s throwback concept by Sebastian Kim.

Photos via Harper’s Bazaar