One of the best parts about spring break and summer vacation is obviously going to the beach. And for some, if not most of us, this is a tad bit stressful, as we’re essentially half naked (or a little more than half naked…) in front of hundreds of strangers. So what’s the most important task you have to accomplish before you hit the beach? Finding suits that make you feel beautiful and sexy. Swimsuit shopping can be tricky and insanely stressful, but these three stores offer excellent suits for all bodytypes! Wearing a cute bathing suit is the best way to catch the eye of that cutie playing ball with his friends. So whether it be a one-piece, a tankini or a bikini, these three stores have the best buys for your money and the cutest suits out there!

Victoria’s Secret

VS Summer 2014

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Their swimsuits are easily VS’s best kept secret. Known for their sexy lingerie, they also offer sexy and cute swim suits that you can order online during their offseason, or check out in their stores during the spring and summer time. Their prices are reasonable, the suits are excellent quality, come in a wide variety of styles and last for years (literally years). VS offers a super sale at the beginning of the season so make sure to buy them in the early month of March!


pacsun swimwear

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Pacsun is known for their patterns and styles on their suits, if you’re into floral and tribal, Pacsun is your store for suits. It is also home to brands like Billabong and Hurley, who are known as “the brands of summetime.” Pacsun also puts out board shorts which is popular this season as well. The store has a beachy and surfer vibe all year round, so this is naturally a hot spot during the summer.


target swimsuits

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Target is a favorite for bathing suit consumers all across America. Known for their excellent prices and great selection, Target is always a hit. The suits are sold in separate pieces so you have the option of mixing and matching your tops and bottoms. Target is also home to stunning one pieces if you’re feeling uncomfortable wearing a two piece. Which ever type of suit you prefer, Target has got it all.