Style The Top 15 Most Fashionable Cartoon Ladies

The Top 15 Most Fashionable Cartoon Ladies

Just ’cause they’re fictional, who says we can’t idolize the style sense of animated characters? If anything, having a wardrobe inspired by garments that only exist in ink is probably the ultimate in “aspirational fashion,” and we’ve rounded up our favorite 15 chic characters to prove it. Take a look at our picks, from Saturday morning cartoons to comic book heroines, and see if you agree!

15. Turanga Leela (Futurama)


image via wikipedia

She might only have one eye, but there’s no denying that it’s certainly an eye for fashion. As the level-headed captain of the Planet Express delivery spaceship, Leela doesn’t seem the type to care much about what she wears, but throughout Futurama’s seven seasons, she’s donned outfits from cut-out evening gowns to a spandex superhero costume. But we like her best in her casually classic white tank, black leggings and combat boots.

 14. Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)


image via disneywiki

No list of cartoon ladies is complete without an appearance by Ms. Jessica Rabbit. That curve-hugging sparkly dress has reached iconic status in pop culture, and for good reason! Her style may not change throughout the film, but why should it when she’s already doing everything so right? If there was ever proof that it’s possible for purple gloves not to clash with a red ensemble, Jessica Rabbit is it.

13. Ginger Foutley (As Told By Ginger)


image via everydayisa

If the twelve year-old titular character of As Told By Ginger is to be remembered for something other than her show’s ridiculously catchy theme song, it should be the fact that she’s among a handful of regularly-appearing animated characters who changed outfits completely each episode. In a world where most shows will even have a running gag where a character opens a wardrobe to reveal a row of identical shirts, Ginger Foutley was a trendsetter ahead of her celluloid. (Not to mention, a redhead who wasn’t afraid to wear pinks and oranges time and again. You go, Ginger. Challenge those norms.)

 12. Judy Funnie (Doug)


image via x-raee

A ’50s beatnik stuck in the ’90s, Doug Funnie’s older sister found her comfort zone in shades of purple in black with her standard sweater-dress-n’-leggings combo, topped off with an uber chic beret. Judy found a way to bring the drama out of her dark ensemble, and somehow managed to pull off sunglasses indoors. Our guess is it probably had something to do with her fashion-forward side-shaved ‘do. You just don’t question a girl who buzzes off half of her hair, you just marvel in awe.

 11. Sam, Alex and Clover (Totally Spies!)


image via tvshowsthatilike

Alright, we’re cheating a little here because it’s sort of impossible to pick only one member of this animated Charlie’s Angels adaptation. While shopping-obsessed blonde Clover would probably be the rightful pick for this list, fellow spy teammates Sam and Alex rock their own styles just as well, whether they’re clad in civilian cardigans and miniskirts, or defeating the bad guys in their signature bodysuits. In the words of Clover herself: “If we’re gonna do this whole spy thingy, we’re gonna have to do it with some style!”

 10. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman)


image via thatguysblog

While the original red-heeled boots may not be the most practical thing for fighting crime, don’t say that within earshot of this Amazonian warrior unless you’d like to be personally proven otherwise! Wonder Woman’s iconic red, white and blue get-up has gone through many variations, and seems to be a continuously changing thing along with each incarnation of the character. Modifications that help WW lasso in the villains even easier, and make her costume even more fashionable? Yes, please. (Also, she’s got her own MAC collection. Style icon, indeed.)

 9. Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo)

DaphneBlakeimage via fanpop

The very picture of late-’60s fashion, it’s no wonder all of the ghosts and ghouls were always trying to kidnap Daphne: they probably just wanted to ask her where she bought that cute chartreuse scarf! While she’s probably best remembered for that purple dress, pink tights and pale lavender shoes (yeah, we don’t know how she can make all of that color work together so well, either), Daphne was seen in a number of groovy outfits throughout Scooby-Doo’s forty-plus year run. We especially like this ’70s-tastic floral bikini, and check the matching flower in her hair, too.

 8. The Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon)


image via moon-chase

Another spot where we couldn’t just pick one! For many girls in America, Sailor Moon was our first introduction to Japanese anime, and also our first introduction to (animated) Japanese fashion. Usagi Tsukino, known as Serena in the English dub of the series, and her friends epitomized Japanese schoolgirl-inspired street style when they transformed into their super powered counterparts. The girls all wore plenty of neat clothing throughout the whole series, but watching Serena undergo her light show transformation sequence into Sailor Moon was something that stuck inside a young fashionista’s mind. If only we could wake up and do it every day: moon…prism…power!

 7. Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)

Elizabethimage via vg247

While every other character on this list is either from a comic, movie or TV show, I think you can understand our special exception for video game girl Elizabeth. A fan-favorite and the deuteragonist of BioShock Infinite, Elizabeth’s style in this dystopian fantasy game goes all over the place, literally. In the main game, Elizabeth’s most memorable look is a dirty white corset, velvet blue bolero and matching floor-length skirt, all complementing a self-chopped brunette bob. But due to the time travel and universe-hopping nature of the BioShock game series, Elizabeth appears again in another level, with a femme-fatale ’50s look straight out of a film noir, proving the ability to master the style of any decade.

 6. Jem (Jem and the Holograms)

Jemimage via mtv

Her TV show may not have been the most substantial toon around, but that didn’t stop Jem from being the most emblematically ’80s creation to ever grace paper, and that’s why we love her so. Giant matching gold hoops and bangles! The periwinkle eye shadow! The shoulder-padded jackets! If Jem ever let even the most fleeting of an ’80s trend slip past her, we didn’t notice. There was probably never a better time to be a pop sensation than the ’80s when it comes to unashamed style, and Jem let us live every hairspray spritzed moment through her. Bubblegum-pink lips with hair to match: truly, truly, truly, outrageous.

 5. Elsa (Frozen)


image via connectingthedots

We couldn’t have a list without including at least one Disney Princess, and after careful consideration, Elsa the Snow Queen was chosen as the sole representative of the complete lineup. While other princesses have donned really awesome dresses (ahem, Tiana and Belle), it’s Elsa’s ability to just completely own her look that sells it. The Oscar-winning sequence (145 million YouTube views and counting!) shows the Snow Queen shedding her stifling cloak and high-collared traditional dress to step into something shimmery, elegant, and just the tiniest bit sexy as far as Disney is concerned. Her confidence just bursts through, and that icy blue shade complements her coloring perfectly (though we might have some doubts about bare shoulders in a blizzard!)

 4. Harley Quinn (Batman)


image via therealmcast

The girlfriend of the Clown Prince of Crime isn’t someone you want to mess with, but she’s certainly someone whose style you want to steal. Harley Quinn was once Dr. Harleen Quinzel, an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist with a prim blonde bun and glasses… until she met The Joker and fell (excuse our pun) madly in love. Harleen became Harley, and she traded in her lab coat for a spandex harlequin bodysuit in her very own color scheme of red and black. The character has been through a style revolution in the past few years, trying out leather corsets and dip-dyed pigtails, but they can never change Harley’s pouty personality, or her puddin’!

 3. Quinn Morgendorffer (Daria)


image via squidoo

We can’t have a list of Fashionable Cartoon Ladies and not include the Vice-President of the Fashion Club herself, Daria’s little sister, Quinn. While it’s ironically Daria whose “fashion choices” would probably be considered more trendy these days by hipster style standards, we think Quinn deserves this spot more, if only for her the sheer dedication of her life to the noble cause of being cute. After all, the goal of the Fashion Club was:  “To support fellow students in achieving their appearance goals, even the hopeless ones with greasy bangs and rough, dry elbows.” Quinn’s smiley face crop-top became her signature look for the first three seasons of the show, and the second she switched to that long-sleeved butterfly shirt on the first episode of seasons four, it’s okay to admit that you made a mental note of sorts: short sleeved crop-tops…out.

 2. Veronica Lodge (Archie Comics)


image via teamhellions

Almost certainly the most fashionable comic book character of all time (sorry Harley and Double-W), Veronica has been staying in style since 1942, opting for ultra-feminine looks and keeping her glossy black bangs in check at all times. From polka dots to plaid, Miss Lodge has rocked it all and in every shade available. Her father’s money lets her go shopping more often than she breathes, creating unlimited style inspiration for the reader critiquing her department store detours. Is she vain, spoiled and once bought out an entire shoe store to keep another girl from purchasing the same pair she owned? Oh, most certainly, but that doesn’t stop her fashion sense from being flawless. (And just like Wonder Woman, Veronica has had her very own MAC collection too!)

 1. Princess Anastasia (Anastasia)

anastasiaimage via greatfever

We’d be lying if we said it took more than a second to think up a worthy candidate for the number one spot. I mean, Anastasia takes a trip to 1920s Paris, and in her very first scene in France, is seen waltzing through the doors of ChanelChanel. Right before dancing with Josephine Baker and Isabella Duncan, naturally. How many Disney Princesses have done that? Not to mention, she had about a dozen different outfits in the course of the entire movie, ranging from the floaty lilac Chanel number pictured above to a floor-length deep blue evening gown with a diamond choker, headband and earrings. And who could forget the gorgeous coronation gown from the very end, which manages to look even better somehow with her hair a little mussed? She can even pull off her orphan Anya ensemble like it’s couture! This nostalgic movie may not be perfect, especially where historical accuracy is concerned, but if there’s one thing they got right, it’s the clothing. (And that Once Upon a December song…which also featured another awesome dress, didn’t it?!)

Which cartoon lady is your style icon?