Beauty tips and DIY ideas can be found almost anywhere on the internet, but YouTube has always been the staple for the best tutorials on the web. Some You- tubers have created loyal followings and even have their own makeup lines.  These are my five favorite girls and their videos that are worth a watch.

Michelle Phan

Phan offers detailed videos that explain how to get the looks of your favorite celebrity or how-to tutorials that you can try at home. Shot in a beautiful and fun style, Phan adds voice overs for every step to achieve the desired look.

 Michelle’s Youtube page-

Video Tutorial 1: Make Your Own Clip On Bangs

Video Tutorial 2: DIY Matte Nails Using Steam

Video Tutorial 3: Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Look

Blair Fowler

Blair Fowler has been producing tutorials since 2008. Since then she has been on Good Morning America and in Seventeen magazine, and the youngest artist at New York Fashion week 2011.She started a YouTube page thanks to the suggestion of her sister and fellow YouTuber, Elle. Not only does she do tutorials but she also shares tips everyday, and does fantastic giveaways.

Blair’s YouTube-

Tutorial 1:  The Lauren Conrad Braid

Tutorial 2: Victoria’s Secret inspired hair

Tutorial 3:  Morning Skincare Routine

Fleur De Force

Fleur’s channel often features different looks from different decades, seasonal ideas, and product reviews. She describes herself as a makeup fanatic, and that’s not a bad thing. With the best tips and tricks anywhere from hair to nails.

Fleur’s YouTube-

Tutorial 1: How to Wear a Scarf

Tutorial 2: Cute Valentine’s Day Nails

Tutorial 3: Get Ready With Me: 1940s Party!

Thomas Adrianna

Thomas Adrianna is the best YouTuber for simple beauty tricks that look stunning. Even though all of her videos claim she is not a professional, Thomas is considered a top hair blogger by On top of being fun and energetic, Thomas creates amazing styles.

Thomas’s Youtube-


Tutorial 1: Tropical Gal Makeup Tutorial

Tutorial 2:  The Perfect Eyebrow

Tutorial 3: Big Bouncy Curls

Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy offers the best tutorials whether it be costumes or for everyday, she has the looks. She also has some fantastic DIY ideas that are easy and gorgeous. Her looks are often super easy and go step by step into detail to ensure that every detail is mentioned.

Dolce’s Youtube-


Tutorial 1: DIY Nail Polish Rack

Tutorial 2: Pixie Dust Halloween Makeup

Tutorial 3: Eye Makeup For Beginners

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson has a background as a  celebrity makeup artist and stylist, Johnson is the go to for the quickest and best little makeup tricks. She has been featured on Good Morning America and the show How Do I Look.  After creating a page in 2009, Johnson now runs two blogs and is a mother of four. She can create the perfect look for anything from a day trip out, to a Halloween party.

Tutorial 1: Everyday Makeup to Night Makeup

Tutorial 2: Fast Pin-Up Look

Tutorial 3: Poison Ivy Makeup

Tanya Burr

Burr is a British beauty blogger and professional makeup artist. Having worked for major companies such as Clinique, she has also assisted in well known UK based makeup artist. Her videos often offer easy ways to achieve a celebrity looks, either from concerts, movies or red carpets. The best part, they are usually used with more affordable products. An idea she shows in her drugstore makeup tutorial.

Tutorial 1: Taylor Swift BRIT’s

Tutorial 2: Rihanna inspired Dark Romantic Makeup

Tutorial 3: 20 Dollar Makeup Challenge


Aka Lindi is all about the quickest and best ways to achieve a gorgeous look. Not only does she show you, she explains why and how certain products are better than others, and why they work. If  you want a tutorial that is quick, easy, and cheap, then this is the guru for you.

Check out BubzBeauty Youtube page-

Tutorial 1: Healthy Skin and Hair Trick

Tutorial 2: Drugstore Everyday Makeup

Tutorial 3: 5 Minute School Makeup


Cool and chic hairstyles are always something we want, but never think we can do. That is why Imogen from FoxyLockesExtentions is the perfect beauty guru for hair. She shows you have to get these incredibly amazing looks that take no time at all. She offers the best and easiest hair creations for any occasion.

Check out her YouTube Page-

Tutorial 1: Ladder Braid Ponytail


Tutorial 2: MOD 60s Beehive


Tutorial 3: How To: Dip dye extensions

Julie G

Julie has almost 500,000 subscribers and has gained a following since her early days on YouTube. There is a reason for that  She knows the ins- and outs of makeup, and beauty products which allows her to give the best tutorials and the best advice. She also makes some pretty amazing nail art that is a must try.

Check out Julie G’s YouTube page-

Tutorial 1:Breaking Bad Nails


Tutorial 2: Curling Your Hair With A Flat Iron


Tutorial 3: False Lashes:How to Apply/Remove/Maintain


What are some of your YouTube Beauty Gurus that didn’t make the list?