Today marks the end of Paris Fashion Week, and we’re a bit sad about it. We thought New York was amazing, and then London happened. We thought London was incredible and then Milan happened. And then Paris happened. There have been some amazing shows in Paris and it was hard to pick only ten to talk about, but we finally made some decisions and picked a few to highlight. Although honestly, we loved way more than ten.


Valentino Paris Fashion Week ss2014

There are few designers who hold such timeless elegance as Valentino does. His collection at Paris fashion week was no exception. Holding onto the classic feminine silhouettes that hug the body perfectly, the collection took a travel through different cultures by using unique and stunning color palettes and prints.  What first seemed to be an influence by Mexico, to India, to ancient Rome; each garment held a breathtaking story.


Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent- Paris Fashion Week ss14

Under the reigns of creative director Hedi Silmane, Saint Laurent’s spring 2014 collection took the fashion world back to the time when lines were forming around studio 54 with some 80s Michael Jackson mashed in.The garments draped over the models in a loose fitting way that complemented the sleek mini skirt underneath. Blurring the line between masculine and feminine the collection took an older influence with a fresh look.


Chanel- Paris Fashion Week ss14

If there is one thing that Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld is good at, it’s making fashion statements. In his collection for spring 2014 the models walked down the runway in out-of-this-world prints. The prints themselves  had colors that looked like swatches that were sewn together with genious to make an amazing piece. Using cuts and forms that felt retro, but still very much modern day Chanel.


Givenchy- Paris Fashion Week ss14

If there is one word to describe the Givenchy show it is draping…and face mask. Some outfits had draping from the waist down and other draped from right below the neck, giving the collection and Asian feel with some pieces resembling garments. A few models came out in glittery masks that made their faces correspond with the pattern work on the gowns.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney- Paris Fashion Week ss14

With dad Paul in the front row and supermodel Miranda Kerr as the first to step foot onto the runway, the Stella McCartney show was a definitely star studded. The collection wasn’t as shocking as others, but it was captivating with the style that Stella has perfected since the beginning of her career: simple outfits that hang loosely on the models, but somehow manages to maintain femininity.

Alessandra Rich

Allesandra Rich- Paris Fashion Week ss14

Alessandra Rich has a very specific look; long tight dresses with lace and ruffles. A look that can easily be synonymous with Rich. A look that is simple, elegant, and perfect for a long tall body. Some of the pieces strayed away from the collection, resembling soft polo shirts stretched into gowns.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab- Paris Fashion Week ss14

Elie Saab related his collection to a “lace garden” and that it was. Saab really brought in the warm feelings of spring with his pink and white hues that dominated the collection. Floral gowns gorgeously cascaded down the runway that transformed into black evening gowns. Every single piece in the collection screamed feminine. The collection grabbed you and showed you elegance and grace.

 Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014

Though his death happened in 2011 the luxury brand, Alexander McQueen, still carries on strongly. Led by Sarah Burton, who famously designed Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, Designs a collection that is sophisticated and still holds the  boldness that McQueen created. This season’s show featured lots of bold reds and blues, with the models wearing helmets as they walked down the runway.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014

Created in 1854, Louis Vuitton has become a staple of poise, charm, and celebrity. Paris fashion week has a lot more spectacle than New York or London, and this season, Louis Vuitton fit right in (appropriate too, since it was Marc Jacobs’ final show with the fashion house). Everything was very punk couture with studs, feathers, and lots of black. We think the Metropolitan Museum of Art would have loved this show (since that was the theme of the Met ball earlier this year) and we loved it too.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014

A style that is on the boarding of class, and sexy, Mui Mui makes eye catching pieces that any woman would love. This season was no different. We have gushed about so many shows this season, but Miu Miu was one of our favorites. With bright, bold colors and long coats and skirts in fun prints, we think we have found some serious inspiration for next spring.

What was your favorite show from Paris Fashion Week?

photos via Style