Taylor Swift- Marie Claire 2012

Singer, songwriter, and country darling Taylor Swift is known for her catchy radio hits that usually chronicle her not-so-successful relationships. Swift got the performance bug at 9 years old, after a childhood of horseback riding. She was strongly influenced by the tough as nail female singers, Carly Simon, and Stevie Nicks. At the age of 14, Swift moved to Nashville and signed a deal with RCA. In 2006, Swift burst onto the scene with her hit, “Our Song.” She has since released albums full of anthems such as “ You Belong With Me” and “We are never getting back together.”

It’s obvious that Taylor Swift puts her heart and soul into her music, and her editorial with Marie Claire really shows that passion through photographs. The title of the photoshoot reads, “ Music is everything that I am.” which couldn’t be more true for Swift.

The article that was released in 2012 showcases Swift’s transition from a young country singer to a full-blown star. Everything from her hair to her clothes shows a more mature side. Taylor posed in front of photographer David Roemer, who captured Swift in a contemporary, yet vintage, style. The colors of the shot have an old school filter that makes Swift look like a timeless star who has made her mark in the world. Editor Jayne Pickering dressed Swift in a fun bohemian style with fringed tops and a wide brimmed hat that is paired with stunning brown boots. Her makeup is dark and mysterious with smudged black and grays.

The photo that perfectly embodies Taylor is her lying next to her true love: her guitar.

Taylor Swift- Marie C black

Taylor Swift-Marie C black and white window

taylor swift-Marie C face

Taylor Swift- Marie C sitting

Taylor Swift- Marie C on floor

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