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English fashion model Kate Moss shot to fame in the early 90’s. Moss’s figure, looks, and attitude perfectly captured the essence of the of the 90’s that was filled with grunge and a look in the fashion world that was classified as heroin chic.

Kate Moss had a turbulent career that started when she was just 14. Founder of Storm Model Management, Corrine Day, discovered the young Moss when she was in JFK airport while on a family vacation.  From there she shot a series of black and white photos with photographer David Ross. The simplistic shoot that shows Moss natural beauty and a grace that is beyond her young years.

The shoot took place in hopes of starting a career in modeling. Little did Moss know that this was the beginning of her becoming a top model who would grace the cover of magazines and whose every look would be both critiqued and admired. She was often criticized for her  thin body and alleged drug use.

Along with being a top model she has become an icon in the fashion industry, Now a wife and a mother, Kate Moss has pretty much done it all.  The photos that started in all are being shown at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London, England.

To read about the shoot check out David Ross’s site.

Get more information on the gallery here.


Kate moss first photo shoot throwback thursday black and white
Via DailyMail.uk

kate moss first photoshoot- throwback thursday - black and white
Via DailyMail.uk

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