The 90s is the only decade in fashion I was lucky enough to have been a part of. I always cringe when I look at old pictures of myself in striped leggings. The 90s began the “casual chic”  look as well as branding overload. We saw everything in 90s fashion; bright colors in the early 90s, tons of tartan and flannel, overalls, chunky shoes, crop tops and more, which are back in style today. Even jelly shoes, mood rings, and slap bracelets are all making an appearance on the fashion circuit once again. The 90s was the time of amazing television, music, movies, and the mall. It was also the time for horrible men’s style (bleached hair, baggy jeans, body piercings and neon windbreakers).


Backwards Hats 

Saved by the Bell Style

Young Kate Moss & The Age of the Supermodel

Butterfly Clips

Spice Girls Fashion


Versace Resort 2013 

Jil Sander Fall 2012 RTW

Article by: Hadley Green