I think the 80s are a period many people want to forget. Luckily I don’t have any incriminating pictures from the 80s with badly permed hair, frosted lipstick, blue eye shadow and shoulder pads. In the 70’s we saw tight tops with loose skirts or pants, in the 1980s fashion flip-flopped with looser shirts and tight pants/skirts/spandex. Madonna was a fashion icon with her crucifix jewelry, fishnets, and skirts with leggings. The movie Flashdance made bright leggings and cut up sweatshirts popular. In the 1980s we saw huge groups of fashion: the new wave look popular in the UK with Goth fashion and bold makeup, very punk. The Valley Girl, starting in California made pastels, leg warmers, miniskirts and lace. The preppy look was popular on the east coast known as the “Ivy League look” (Ralph Lauren became popular in the 1980’s). Perhaps the most replicated look on the runways today is the 80’s “power dressing” women wanted to show they were equals with the men at the office including shoulder pads, shoes with pointed toes and spiked heels. The emergence of hip hop music also influenced fashion.


The Preppy Look

Goth Look 

Valley Girl


Power suit by Armani 1987

Versace’s take on the Valley Girl


Goth looks from Calvin Klein fall 2012 ready-to-wear

Over-sized shoulders Balmain pre-fall 2012

Cheerleader Valley Girl look from House of Holland Resort 2013

Article by: Hadley Green