Oh, Barbie. What immeasurable body issues did you bestow on us after a childhood of playing with a doll whose real life measurements would include a 39” bust, 18” waist, and 33” hips. Also: no genitals!

Yeah, not the healthiest of icons. But few would deny that when it comes the sartorial, she does have a certain inimitable joie de vivre. And why wouldn’t she? She’s got over half a century of style under her belt. In that time, she’s been designed for by the likes of Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Bill Blass, Carolina Herrera, Christian Louboutin, Bob Mackie, Vera Wang, and Bill Blass. She’s even had her own MAC Cosmetics collection.

So it’s no great surprise that the 11 ½” wonder would have inspired a few other designers, even unconsciously. The folks of BuzzFeed have rounded up 11 runway looks that may—or may not—have the pint-sized beauty to thank. Here are four of our favorites. To view the rest in all their 90s glory, head over here.

Neon Bib Overalls (as seen at 3.1 Philip Lim)


Patterned Pants (as seen at Kenzo)
barbie2 barbie22

Full Iridescent Skirts (as seen at Dior)

barbie3 barbie33

Whimsical Prints (as seen at Suno)

barbie4 barbie44