It’s finally happening: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are opening up a store!

The designers told WWD, that the flagship store for their luxury label “The Row,” will open on Tuesday in Los Angeles. “We’ve always wanted our own store; it’s always been part of the plan,” Mary-Kate said. “It was a toss-up between New York and L.A., and when this space became available, we jumped on it.”

Ah, the space. It’s a gorgeous 3,800-square-foot oasis complete with clean white walls, mid-century furniture and of course, a pool. It really resembles a home or art gallery more than a retail store, but according to Ashley, that was the point. “This is our baby. This is something that we have nurtured and will continue to nurture. That is the way we feel about all our brands, but this one has always been a labor of love, and the space also reflects that.”

the row

Getty photo

The shelves on the walls are filled with shoes, bags, clothes and jewelry — some of which have been curated from the Olsens’ personal collections. Looking at the incredible shop, it’s hard to imagine that it was once a hair salon that the two had been frequented since they were 10 years old.

It will be interesting to see how the store helps the two develop the brand even more. Our hunch is that it will work wonders for everyone involved, including us shoppers.

Head over to WWD for the full interview.