The Perfect Suit Infographic by Jake Gilchrist


With Labor Day coming up -, it’s a sign that the summer is coming to a close–along the opportunity to wear certain things. But one that thing that can be worn all year round without fail is a suit. A suit is a timeless staple and basic building block of looking good that adapts with the times. It can be worn formally to a business meeting, or worn a bit more casual for a night out on the town. But finding the perfect modern suit can be a bit tricky. While no one designer crafts them the just the same as another, there are certain key aspects that  every good suit should have as a bare minimum. To help with our sartorial endeavors, designer Jake Gilchrist decided to take these core elements and compile them all into a great infographic, breaking the anatomy of a suit down from  the lapels to the shoes. So before you make your next run to tailor be sure to keep these points in mind–you might walk away just a tad more stylish. 

How To Buy A Suit That Fits Perfectly