Hunting for some fashion inspiration? So get ready because this is definitely what Brazilian blogger Thassia Naves has to offer. Born with a natural sense of fashion and style, Naves says she has always been surrounded by wonderful fabrics from the time she was a little girl since both of her grandmothers were seamstresses. Naves also attended Instituto Marangoni, in Paris, for Image Consulting, to expand her fashion knowledge. And after that, she’s been rocking impeccable looks on a daily basis — and she’s been getting a lot of attention around the world.

Naves loves to mix different prints in her looks, which are a blend of wild and sophisticated. Every week you may find her in a different place of the world like London or Paris, or maybe at home in Brazil.

She describes herself as an adventurous traveler hunting for inspiration and experiences. One of her goals is to contribute to the looks of beautiful and powerful modern women. In addition to being a fashion explorer, Naves is also a publisher, and she is able to put two of her biggest passions together on her fashion blog — luckily for us!

It’s clear she loves everything that is trending whether it be clothes or events, just check out her Instagram. Among her favorite brands are Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino. The blogger just published a book called “Look Thassia Naves.”

You can get more of Thassia’s looks on her blog, Pinterest, and Instagram. Be careful though, scrolling through her page might be addicting…