Is Terry Richardson an artist or a Predator? via New York Magazine/The Cut. Ah, the age old question, and definitely the biggest story of the day.  New York Magazine sat down with Richardson and let him explain himself (and all those accusations). This is one you have to read in its entirety and make up your own mind.

photographer terry richardson sexual harassment

Michelle Obama gets gorgeous in green via HuffPost Style. This could be FLOTUS’ favorite new color as she rocked it over this past weekend nearly every day. She obviously looked gorgeous in each outfit.

michelle obama green


Brazilian women and their hair: Local secrets for looking like Gisele via Fashionista. Have you always wanted sweet hair like those famous supermodels? Well, the trick to getting it might surprise you.


gisele bundchen hair

Something Blue: 20 perfect finishing touches for wedding season via Vogue. Whether you’re getting married or you’re just attending a few weddings, check out some some adorable ways to incorporate blue into your outfit. We’re sure you’re going to love these looks.

blue accessories

The pretty way to fade your hair color via Refinery29. Roots are nothing but pain in the you-know-what. But fret not, there is a pretty way to make a transition from dyed to natural. We promise, it will look gooooood.

fade your hair

What do you think of Terry Richardson’s NY Magazine interview?