Sweet, sunny, sweaty, summertime. Just when you think it can’t get any hotter, Mother Nature cranks up the temps and throws us a #sorrynotsorry.

And if you’re like us, the sweltering weather can put quite a damper on your style – seriously, it’s pretty hard to put a decent outfit together when anything with sleeves or pant legs is definitely out of the question. Unless you’re a fan of heat stroke, showing more skin becomes a necessity – so why not make it your accessory? The warmer air is a perfect opportunity to use your skin as a piece of art. And not to worry – gone are the days where you have to go under the needle to score a beautiful piece of body art.

Yep, we’re talking temporary tattoos. These peel-and-stick accessories have grown up quite a bit from their glittery Lisa Frank days (even though we’d definitely still rock a rainbow unicorn), and are now offered in all shapes, colors, sizes, and styles.  A favorite among summer festival-goers, these tattoos are great for an event, big night out, or if you’re looking to change your look up for a bit. Basically, they’re like a friend with benefits – all of the fun, none of the commitment.

As always, after shopping around the Etsy-world, we’ve rounded up 9 of the cutest temporary tattoos around. Whether you’re into delicate line work, watercolor styles, or old-school (and bad-ass) sailor-jerry tattoos, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? They’re super affordable. Happy (faux) inking!

crystal tempory tattoos

1. Crystal Shards Temporary Tattoo Set | VictoriasAviary, $7.04

dragonfly temporary tattoo

2. 3D Dragonfly Temporary Tattoo | TattooMint, $4.99

inkn art tempoary tattoo

3. Special Pattern Tattoo | InknArt, $4.99

warpaint temporary tattoos

4. Warpaint Temporary Tattoo | Tattify, $5

hamsa hand temporary tattoos

5. Hamsa Hand Temporary Tattoo | JoellesEmporium, $4.40

chickadee temporary tattoo

6. Chicakdee Botanical Print Temporary Tattoo | BurrowingHome, $8

floral temporary tattoos

7. Vintage Floral Temporary Tattoo | pepperink, $6

let's be adventurous temporary tattoos

8. Let’s Be Adventurers Temporary Tattoo | mossandferndesignco, $3

Which of these temporary tattoos is your favorite?

Paige is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and is currently studying Journalism at the University North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Fluent in sarcasm with a severe case of wanderlust, she is a self-proclaimed professional thrifter, long-lost Olsen triplet, and pizza aficionado.