Accessory Apiary Let's Talk About Teal

The color teal is controversial: depending on your point of view, it’s much closer to turquoise than it is to blue, or is really better described as ‘bottle green’, or any shade between mint and sea-foam. Note that none of these options have a lot of wiggle room. So, in deference to the argumentative nature of the Internet, this week’s accessory picks are variations on a theme of teal. And if you’d like to launch a campaign for or against any of the definitions for teal listed here, please do so in the comments. Politely.

Piece #1: This week in statement necklaces

Pim and Larkin Teal Flower Cabochon Necklace

Ah, the trend continues. As someone who favors earrings to necklaces, I’m interested in seeing how the statement necklace fad will adapt to fall/winter, when evidence of said accessory is hidden under coats and scarves. In the meantime, this necklace won me over with its parallel metal panels and gorgeous bobbing flowers. Of note are the little coils of gold-tone metal which bind the “petals” to the center of the flower.


  • Pim + Larkin Teal Flower Cabochon Necklace
  • 22″ length
  • Lobster clasp closure
  • Resin and gold-tone metal

Buy online at

Piece #2: Flower power

Peony Flower Gold Plated Kidney Hooks

Coco Chanel once said, “A lady should look in the mirror before leaving the house and remove one accessory.” She could probably get away with that, because she was Ms. Chanel and didn’t need both a double strand of pearls and a charm bracelet. If you are in the midst of an accessory skirmish, however, opt for simple and don’t look back. That’s why I like these earrings – they provide a dollop of color, are long enough to prevent need for necklaces, and, best of all, are handmade.


  • Peony flower hung from gold plated kidney hook. Made from 100% lead free resin.
  • Flower cabochons are 34mm. (4mm. thick)
  • Gold plated kidney hooks are 1.5 in.

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Piece #3: Pop! Goes the Satchel

Teal Colored Cross Body Satchel

Every girl (and guy) needs a strong yet pert bag. It could be a tote, messenger bag, cross-body sling, but if you spot a colorful bag that’d do just as well to the office as it would to dinner and drinks, stop, drop the cash, and buy. While everyone else runs about in black, maroon and brown, you’ll be striding ahead with a teal satchel – big enough to hold your water bottle and this week’s New Yorker, small enough to be manageable.


  • 1 outer zipper pocket
  • 2 inner zipper pockets & 2 inner organizer pouches
  • Shell: 100% Polyurethane
  • 40” optional strap
  • 5” handle drop
  • 15” L x 11” H x 6”

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Piece #4: When You Wish Upon a Star(fish)

Starfish Turquoise Earrings

Most of the accessories addressed thus far in this series skew toward the casual. But what if you’re scheduled for a fancy work party? Or a promising date? Or a glimmering Friday night out with friends? Or you just feel damn dressy on a Thursday morning? I’ve got a solution: take teal, add 2 parts starfish, 1 part pink, 1 part glam, et voila! Le tout ensemble! (Avec une petite robe noire, bien sûr.)


  • Color: Turquoise, rhinestone, & gold
  • Width: 1” inch
  • Length: 2” inch

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Piece #5: Rock the Color Block

Teal Mod Stone Earrings

This list would be incomplete without a mod accessory; after all, teal did first gain popularity in the 60s and 70s. I like these earrings because they’re small but stocky, and help defeat the notion of “everything has to match.”  The inclusion of muted neon yellow only complements the teal. Pair ‘em with jeans and a sweater, or a pretty mint frock.


  • Stud style to the top
  • Contrast faceted stones
  • Drop design
  • Bullet clutch back

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What’s your favorite teal accessory on our list?

About Nandini Balial: I grew up in India, with an arty theatrical hippie mum who used to make her own jewelry, and vibrant patterns and materials – always on display at any relative’s wedding – quickly caught my attention.  Once I moved to Texas, I had to reconcile the ornate silks, mirrored scarves and silver hoops with glittery Coco Chanel earrings and Ralph Lauren polos. I’m still most comfortable in a vegetable/fruit-dye print cotton shirt and jeans, but my accessories will always vary. I proudly maintain that clothes are expensive and can’t always be mixed n’matched, but accessories are (on average) a bit cheaper, and can always move across your wardrobe (with/without irony). If you ever run across a fun accessory find, e-mail me with the details (and a photo, if possible), and I’ll try to include it in a future column.