First we learned that Kate Middleton was wearing a DVF dress we could actually afford, then Harry Styles and the boys from “One Direction” wore American Apparel in their latest video, and now our girl Taylor Swift’s heart shirt is from… Talbots!

That’s right, the adorable blue heart intarsia sweater can be bought online for just $59.99 — it’s on sale, and guess what? It isn’t sold out… yet! Swift was spotted wearing the shirt in New York City. She paired it with blue jeans and a red purse.

This is obviously very good news for Talbots, who doesn’t exactly have a younger demographic appeal — until now that is. “We are thrilled to see Taylor Swift wearing our Heart Intarsia sweater,” a representative told the Daily Mail. “Many people have the perception that Talbots is just their ‘grandmother’s brand’ when the truth is that we have classic clothing for every woman.”

We’re so excited to see more and more celebrities wearing clothes that are, well, normal. Of course, Taylor Swift has always come off like a normal girl, but we bet we wouldn’t be able to afford that white crop top and black skirt she wore to the Academy of Country Music Awards.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Talbots and pick up your own sweater before it’s too late. You wouldn’t want another Kate Middleton situation would you?