Being a fan is not simply enjoying an artist’s music anymore–that’s so ten years ago. Now you can literally find a picture of everything your favorite celeb ever wore on Google or analyze every selfie on Instagram. In these modern times with technology, we can literally dress like celebrities (but for a quarter of the price).

Here are eight items that every Taylor Swift item needs in her closet. TBH, some of these don’t really go in your closet. Actually, a few of these don’t. Don’t put lipstick in your closet (unless you have a really fancy one with a vanity and everything). Use the term closet loosely. Anyways.

image via TaylorPictures

1. A White & Navy Striped Shirt

taylor-swift-striped-shirt-lands-endThis Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Striped Boatneck Top from Lands’ End is perfect and only $19.99

Striped navy and white is such a timeless pattern that can be cute with jeans or a skirt. Taylor has like fifty variations of this. White with navy or navy with white and some are boat-neck, some have a high neckline, most are 3/4 sleeves…You only really need one, though. If you wear the same thing twice it won’t become an Us Weekly headline.

2. Red Lipstick


This one is very obvious, I know. The first thing most people think of when they think of Taylor Swift is her red lips (or maybe her collection of ex-boyfriends). Let me ask you this, though, how does her red lipstick stay in place for a million hours and never seem to smudge? When I breathe my lipstick smudges and if I don’t reapply it fades into a new color.

Then again, she probably has a makeup artist that applies the lipstick every ten minutes so she’s always photo-ready. Anyway, this NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Dragon Girl” is $26 and apparently it is Taylor’s go-to red.

3. Matching Crop Top & Skirt Set

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.05.07 PM

This matching set from Boo Hoo is super cute (and only $44!)

Taylor Swift owns at least fifty of these (seriously, does she wear anything twice)? Matching crop tops and skirts are cute together but you can also wear them separately–it’s like a dozen outfits in one.

4. Winged Eyeliner

L'ORÉAL  Carbon Black Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner

 This L’ORÉAL Carbon Black Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner is only $9.99 & can help you get the look.

  Taylor Swift hardly leaves the house without red lips and winged eyeliner. I’m totally with her on the winged eyeliner–the day I leave my house without my winged eyeliner is probably the day hell freezes over. Or I run out of eyeliner (which is less likely than hell freezing over, I hoard that stuff).


5. A Pair of Oxfords


Taylor Swift seems to wear Oxfords quite often. I’m not personally a fan of them, but Taylor makes them look like a brand new pair of Christian Louboutin’s.

Anyways, these  ALIEDIA Oxfords from Call It Spring are absolutely adorable and on sale for $19.98! They are perfectly paired with almost anything from shorts and a tank top to a summery dress.

6. A Pair of Black Ray-Ban Wayfarers

image via TaylorPictures

Taylor Swift is so classy and elegant, of course even her sunglasses are simple and classy. What’s more classy than a pair of classic Ray-Ban wayfarers? Although I am morally against spending more than $20 on a pair of sunnies (Forever21 has some cute ones that won’t make you cry if you break them), You can get the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers for $154. I’m pretty sure wearing $150 sunglasses will make you feel like a superstar.

7. A Simple, Neutral Shoulder Bag


Okay, so the one Taylor is most often seen with is the Dolce & Gabbana Large Agagta Shoulder Bag that: 1. Is sold out and 2. costs like a year of college tuition. This Vickery Shoulder Bag from Fossil is only $218 and it’s also super versatile. It will match all of your outfits and easily fit your phone, sunglasses and now-empty wallet.

8. A Scottish Fold Kitten


Okay, this is one of those things that do not go in your literal closet. Putting a cat in a closet is like some funky Dr. Suess-esque abusive thing. This cat will go in half of your Instagram shots and your chic cat carriers when you’re traveling on the road. This might not be an essential but Taylor’s cats Meredith and Olivia are freaking adorable and clearly a key essential in being Taylor Swift.

Don’t forget to give them a name from one of your favorite TV Shows (Taylor’s cats are named after Grey’s Anatomy characters). Also, don’t forget to feed them and take care of them–cats are more than an accessory.

What’s your must-have Taylor Swift fashion essential?

Paige DiFiore is a Journalism and Graphic Design student at Marist College. She owns enough makeup products to feed a small country (well, if they ate makeup) and she will literally drop everything just to pet a dog. When she isn't daydreaming about owning a pug and making it Instagram famous, she is ruthlessly playing board games and aspiring to someday be the goddess of a religion that's yet to be discovered.