Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar. But if we’re being honest, it’s not exactly diverse in the women that appear on the pages. That’s why we were thrilled to learn about Swimsuits For All‘s amazing new campaign and digital swimsuit calendar called “Sexy at Every Curve.”

According the Refinery29, the plus-size swimsuit company has snagged models Robyn Lawley, Shareefa J, Jada Sezer and blogger Gabi Gregg for the calendar. All four of the women have struggled in the past to not only find a bathing suit that fits their curves, but one that’s also really cute, because why should there be one without the other? “I feel sexy in a swimsuit when it’s fitting me correctly and it’s pretty to look at — it has nice colors and is fashion forward,” Lawley said.

But for these gorgeous women, modeling for the bathing suit company isn’t necessarily all about the bathing suit itself. “I think there needs to be more publications and campaigns like this so that people can look at these things things and think ‘wow I look like those women and they feel confident and they’re portraying my body shape,'” Sezer said.

Amen to that, sister!

If you would like a change to be featured in a photo shoot for Swimsuits For All, head over to their Facebook page, where they’re giving fans the opportunity to win just that and more! Scroll through the photos below to check out the calendar. Stop by Refinery29 for more information.

All photos via Swimsuits For All