It’s no secret that here at HauteTalk, we’re pretty obsessed with nail art. We’re always looking for cute (and easy) new ideas for designs to try out on our nails. Mother Nature seems to have decided to skip spring completely, and the summer weather feels like it is here to stay. As we’re packing away our winter boots and breaking out our spring sandals, we’re realizing we’re in desperate need of a pedicure. So, for this week’s roundup of nail art, we figured it’s about time we showed our toes some love with amazing pedicure art!

Naturally, we spend a good amount of our time searching the Internet for the best new DIY nail art and tutorials. And during our last hunt, we stumbled upon a floral design that is absolutely PERFECT for this warm weather. Goldfish Kiss has us even more excited for summer with her “Aloha Print Toes” design:

pedicure art

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can try it on your fingernails as well! To create this look, you’ll need red, blue, yellow, and white nail polish and a ballpoint pen to help you make the floral design. Check out Goldfish Kiss’s blog for a full tutorial, and get ready to show the world your fabulous pedicure! And if you’re really feeling the floral patterns for this spring, do yourself a favor and indulge in this shirt from Billabong, which inspired this amazing nail design!

Will you try this pedicure art?

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