From Electric Daisy Carnival to Coachella to Lollapalooza, Electric Zoo and more, the bite of the music festival bug has been growing significantly in America throughout the years, particularly a recent love of electronic dance music throughout society. Even celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens love music festivals, who is seen here at last year’s Coachella Festival in Indio, California. These elaborate, quick to sell out events, are jam packed with the most popular musical acts, LED lights, and even in some instances, carnival rides!

But what does one wear to a festival where they will be moving, shaking, and sweating in a crowd of over 20,000 people? For those who have ever been to a music festival, you are well aware that people come dressed in the most outrageous of get-ups including Halloween costumes and gas masks. Festival attire can be a  little over-the-top, to put it nicely, but overall it is a way for music lovers to express their individuality in a sea of people.

One thing that I have noticed throughout my experiences at music festivals throughout the years, is a trend of tribal gear. Think hipster-chic meets Pocahontas in these scenarios. Like the above mentioned Hudgens, who is donning a crochet tribal crop top along with a long fringe satchel, plays her cards just right with this look.


Keeping the tribal trend in mind, Sienna Miller is seen here rocking a teeny tiny sundress with a brown weaved belt and some strapped shoes, perfect for all of the walking festival attendees are faced with at the events. Although not particularly crazy about Kelly Osborne’s take on festival attire, she is undeniably comfortable in flip flops and a (very) over-sized tee.  One thing is for certain, the two rock the popular trend of colorful eye wear. Most festivals start earlier in the day, giving us plenty of time to show off our shades. Tip: Buy an inexpensive pair that you won’t be crushed over if in fact your shades get crushed in the midst of the crowd!


You don’t have to be a celebrity to look chic one of the upcoming music festivals this year., one of our favorite websites, has the most versatile selection of festival-friendly apparel while allowing your individuality to shine through.  Although this picture is selling their chic knotted Zarah Tee for $38, we think the whole look couldn’t be more perfect for festival season. A light, plain tee can always be turned into a DIY project for an added sense of individuality. The key is to keep it simple and add color where you please. In this scenario, the model is wearing a fabulous embroidered long tote.  The woven cross body bag is available on NastyGal for $88 and is a versatile piece that can be worn both day and night.

Even if  this exact bag doesn’t tickle your fancy, a lightweight bag such as this is the perfect festival accessory. One thing is for certain, leave the designer labels at home. Festivals are primarily about the music, and little attention is paid to the nitty-gritty of your attire, but obviously staying fashion forward can be effortless. Remember, comfort is everything so your wedges and heels will only land you in an unfashionable ankle cast.