We’re approaching summer – and fast. Summer is officially more than a month away, but the temperatures are telling us otherwise. Seriously, if the temps are going to be this ghastly hot already, we need a beach vacation ASAP. Unfortunately, the beach vacation option isn’t exactly available considering the real world doesn’t have a three month summer break like those lucky kiddos still in school. To cope with our saddened moods, we’ve found some fun summer dresses to add to your closet. A few tips for summertime dresses and other clothes: make sure they don’t stick to your body, make sure they add some color, and make sure they fit properly (this one can be said for all clothing). The main one: make sure they don’t stick to your body. It’s going to be a hot one, folks. Whether you’re in the mood for a little more comfortable (check out the t-shirt dresses we’ve found) or if you’re more a fan of the ever-so-flattering maxi, check out some of our favorite ones  for this week’s Etsy Wednesday below!

summer dresses

1. Nautical Short Summer Dress | Julbyjuliagasin, $84.30 (you can never go wrong with white and navy – ever.)

2. Round Pocket T-Shirt Dress | Lyptis, $133.80

3. Mini T-Shirt Dress with Frill Detail | Annakshop, $69.00

4. Casual Loose Linen Women’s Sundress | Sophiaclothing, $89.99 (**note the loose)

summer dresses1. Beachy Summer Maxi | weddingparty8866, $45.99

2. Coral Summer Maxi | KSClothing, $45.00

3.  Pure White Maxi in Crinkled Linen | azulsol, $89.00