If you haven’t heard of Grimes, it’s about time that you do. The 25 year old recording artist, producer, singer, and director has been making a name for herself – just by doing what she loves. Claire Boucher began “Grimes” as a side project, she still considers it a project to this day. This new-era-pop-star’s genre is tough to pin down. Not that we think it has to be pinned down, but if we took a stab at it we’d have to say electronic pop, with a touch of ambient to create an a fairy-tale ethereal sound. Yep that sounds about right. [All images Via Tumblr]

3 Albums into her career, she’s built a strong following. We didn’t say large, but definitely strong. Her fans seem to resonate with her on such a deep level because she is very transparent and open. On her Twitter and Tumblr she is constantly making jokes and speaks in a very conversational tone – just like a friend would do.

Below is one of Grimes’ biggest singles, Genesis. She stars in the video and also directed it.

Something we admire most about Grimes is her pure honesty and how she stays true to herself. You can tell that everything she does, she does because she loves it. Particularly her style, which shows notes of punk, alternative, and a little goth and wears whatever the hell she wants.


As you can see, she usually opts for classic grunge, but still has an effortlessly eclectic style that excites us so much. In this interview by ABC, we get to learn more about her “artistic alter-ego.” Even more so, we get to see just how cute and down-to-earth she really is.

There’s no denying she’s one of our favorite style icons of the moment. We need to take a few lessons from her and remember to wear what we like, instead of what society’s approved for us. She nails it with her subtle “screw-you” hair and alternative choices – we’re taking notes!

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