Brunette Moffy has had a big career move, having recently signed a contract to be the new face of the major modeling agency Storm Models. Storm has had some impressive models, including Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo. But Moffy will be their first cross-eyed model.

The signing isn’t completely a surprise; the fashion industry has been steadily moving away from promoting conventional beauty.

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Moffy appeared on the cover of cult magazine Pop this summer after she was recommended to the editor by a friend. Her debut shoot for Pop magazine featured young Moffy in an England football shirt without makeup. The photographer and editorial team were so impressed with the results that they put one of the images on the cover.

Tyrone Lebron, the photographer who worked with her on the shoot, said, “We chose to shoot her because we had recently shot with models and wanted a change. Moffy had never been photographed for a magazine and it’s always exciting to work with someone where there is uncertainty about how it might work out.”

Well, genius move, because it did work out.

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Concerning her so-called strabismus, she’s stated “I think that the term ‘strabismus’ is too scientific and makes it sound as if I have a condition that affects other aspects of my life; and I have never seen it in those terms, as far as I’m concerned I’ve just got a funny eye! I feel very lucky however that it has captured people’s imagination and ironically, it seems to be the one thing that has made me interesting to people as a model instead of putting me at a disadvantage.” You can check out the rest of the interview here.