“Not just studying US history, but shaping it.” Jason Russell states as he narrates us through the powerful video in the fight to stop Joseph Kony, leader of  rebel group LRA in Uganda. For over 26 years, the African leader has been kidnapping children of all kinds and brainwashing them into killers. More than 30,000 children have been taken throughout the years that have been forced as child soldiers and sex slaves to kill family members and fellow Ugandans to join his rebellious force.

After meeting with Jacob, a young English speaking man from Uganda, Russell learned more about Kony and his country living in fear. For years Jason Russell has been aiding to help stop the people who have caused pain and suffering to Jacob and the people of  his country. We learn throughout the above video that without the support of thousands upon thousands of people, the United States support that the Ugandan military needs will be taken away. With this movement making waves, Kony has changed his tactics to make it much more difficult for him to capture him in the depths of the African forests. Their military needs our technological help, and it is up to the people to prove we care so that this mission can continue.

2012 will be the year that we prove to the country and the world that the pyramid of influence has inverted throughout the years with the rapid growth of technology and communication barriers being broken. The online community is bigger than any country, with global interaction happening every second. Besides the video, the Invisible Children crew have targeted 20 culture makers and 12 policy makers to support the 2012 effort. Culture makers included on the list range from Oprah and Rihanna to George Clooney, Mark Zuckerberg, Bono of U2 and more.  Policy Makers throughout Washington have been helping to support the campaign awareness as well to prove that even though this has no effect on our society personally, but that good human beings supporting what is right in the world can make a difference on an international scale.

To spread the word of the movement and to further support KONY 2012, an Action Kit has been created and available for purchase for only $30 on the Invisible Children online store.  Included inside of the kit are stickers, posters, a tee shirt,bracelet, button, and an Action Guide booklet to help you decorate your city with KONY 2012 awareness.  By getting your action kit now, you can also help to support the efforts for making April 20th be the day for action. In hopes to finally get Joseph Kony arrested, Invisible Children plans to have everyone cover the streets of their cities with posters and protests to show the world we care.  Click Here to visit the Official Facebook for the April 20th nation wide event.


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