Take one part aesthetic, one part whimsical, and one part fashion gold. What do you get? Sofia Coppola’s new ad for Marc JacobsDaisy perfume. It’s short and sweet, but still packs a punch. The perfume ad is both sophisticated, yet lighthearted and fluttery, much like Coppola’s film aesthetic.

The pairing is perfect, since Jacobs and Coppola are good friends. Jacobs revealed that Coppola would be filming his campaign back in September when he tweeted, “Best friends make magic together: Our dearest Sofia Coppola will be directing the Daisy TV ad campaign this Fall!” (Cue the “awwwwws!”).

The short, featuring model Ondria Hardin (who has been the face of Chanel and Prada), has all of Coppola’s usual elements, giving the ad the same ethereal feel that comes from watching her full-length films. It brings thoughts of The Virgin Suicides meets Somewhere. The model is running through a field of daisies (of course), while wearing a simple white, flowing dress.

Coppola has modeled for Jacobs in the past, but this is her first time stepping behind the camera to help out her friend. From what we have seen in the clip, we hope that this isn’t Coppola’s last time doing an advertisement for Jacobs.

What do you think about the new ad?