A therapeutic, solo shopping trip won’t make you feel like you’re getting any “alone time” after reading about how your smartphone impacts the way you shop.

Huffington Post reported about a study conducted by Interactions Marketing on consumer trends that reveals some pretty…surprising results. As it turns out, while shopping, we women use our smartphones for more than just taking a mirror selfie in that semi-risque dress and asking our friends if they “think it’s okay.”

This new study found that 91 percent of women surveyed conduct online research before making any purchase. In addition to that, 37 percent of those women use their smartphones to conduct this kind of researching during there shopping trip. Forget taking selfies to send to friends, they’re going straight for the most honest source: public reviews of that item.

And what about those who crowd source with social media for many of their consumer decisions? Well, while it does happen, it doesn’t happen as often as we would think. Instead, women are more inclined to go to the store’s website and read the reviews there, if not, another website that carries the same product. Reading reviews certainly makes sense to us! If you’re willing to ask a friend who might not know anything about it, then why not take advice from those who have actually bought it for themselves?

80% of the women surveyed admitted that they are influenced to buy something by positive reviews. After all, if the person took the time to write a review in the first place, they must have a strong opinion about how they feel about the product. Either they could have been highly pleased, thus influencing others to buy the item as well, or they could have been disappointed by it and wrote the review in hopes of driving those who are considering to opt out of the purchase.

*Note: This whole “influenced by the reviews” rule does not apply when buying shoes. Because life is short. Buy the shoes.

So, next time you’re headed to the mall looking to retail therapy to get away from reality a bit, take into consideration how you’re still staying connected to the world around you. And in more ways than you think! Maybe do your research ahead of time or bring a friend along to get some face-to-face communication going on about whether or not that dress is a little too revealing. Or, hey…you could always just trust your own instincts as to what’s worth spending your money on. Just a thought.

Either way, we know that our consumer decisions, along with many others *ahem food*, will always be influenced by those we interact with.

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How do you use your phone while shopping?

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