Genuine Health Multi+ Daily Glow VitaminsWe have a healthily engrained skepticism when it comes to any pills promising to make us better looking, thinner, etc. And so, despite our product junkie tendencies, it was with reluctance that we handed the fine folks at Ye Olde Vitamin Shoppe $27 for Genuine Health’s Multi+ Daily Glow vitamins.

Per the folks at Genuine Health:

multi+ daily glow gives you a complete, high potency multi-vitamin/mineral, enhanced with 5 all-natural ingredients to improve your skin’s tone and appearance, including reduced signs of aging and damage caused by UV rays.

Benefits of taking multi+ daily glow include:

• A complete range of essential vitamins and minerals
• Improved skin structure & firmness
• Reduced signs of aging, skin sagging and under-eye circles
• Protection from damage caused by UV rays
• Reduced roughness and scaling

Now you can achieve a healthier body with more beautiful skin. Just two tablets of multi+ daily glow is all that it takes – naturally.

It’s a tall order. But we’ve been taking our Multi+ Daily Glow tablets (2 pills once a day) for about four months now, and we’re nothing if not impressed. Our skin, while not magically transformed into a milky, porcelain surface, is brighter, and our pores seem smaller. Our skin tone is notably more even, and though with the cold weather we’ve been experiencing some patchy dryness, our skin looks a little bit plumper and, well, healthier.

How does it work? Among the vitamins’ ingredients are “full spectrum grape extract” (Biovin), to help prevent UV damage and reduce redness, the wondrous lycopene for UV protection and to improve skin’s overall condition, fish collagen to reduce dark bags under the eyes and rough skin, and white tea and pomegranate extract for a serious antioxidant punch that lessens free radical damage.

There’s also hydrolyzed collagen, which would explain the plumping effect, calcium, and your standard vitamins (vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, D, E, B5, B6).

After we finished our first bottle of these vitamins, we took a week without them to see how our skin would fare. Maybe it was our imagination, but it didn’t take long for our face looked a little duller We’re curious to try their Perfect Skin blend some time, but for now we’re believers when it comes to Multi+ Daily Glow. It’s a great basic multivitamin that does double-duty.

Genuine Health Multi+ Daily Glow is available at the Vitamin Shoppe (120 tablets for $26.99 and 60 tablets for $17.99), and at

Image: Genuine Health

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