The SoulCycle name and brand is just about to get a whole lot more popular, if that’s even possible, as Shopbop releases an exclusive collection inspired by the cycling and fitness workout that promises to help you rejuvenate a healthy, balanced life in every way. The tanks and sweats adorned with wheels, skulls, and hearts are now available on Shopbop’s website, and the line is pretty simple and basic. No bells or whistles here, but the tanks, shirts, pants, and hoodies will surely be snatched up by those itching to join the SoulCycle trend.

This fairly new collection of fitness studios have hosted many celebrities — such as Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, and Anderson Cooper, just to name a few — who’ve also been wooed by the regimen. SoulCycle has received criticism from some; it’s been compared to a cult because the classes are not entirely all about physical exercise. While pumping their legs to the booming beats of music, the attendees are told motivational quips and phrases intended to push their physical endurance through to a mind-opening realization of a mentally and spiritually healthy lifestyle. The people who attend classes swear by its yogic results, and surely Shopbop will elevate SoulCycle’s current trendy standing.

Shopbop made sure to stick to comfortable fabrics for the collection, a decision that SoulCycle Co-founder Julie Rice found fitting. “Soul really transcends the classroom, and we have worked hard to find a style that makes people feel good both in and out of the room,” Rice told Fashionista. “It’s a little bit badass, so when you catch a reflection of yourself in the mirror you feel tougher, and it’s sexy, which is a way we all want to feel. It’s also about great fabrics and lots of comfort.”

And Shopbop didn’t have to think too hard about the specific inspiration they would go with for this collection — it was obvious to be inspired by part of SoulCycle’s name. “When we were thinking about the collection, we broke the ‘soul’ off of the ‘cycle,’ so all of the pieces are about the meaning of the word ‘soul,’” Rice said. “We have a lot of plans for SoulCycle in terms of being a lifestyle brand, and the way that we see it is that ‘soul’ is a universal theme: Everybody has a soul, everyone wants their soul to feel good.”

What do you think of the collaboration?

Photo via Fashionista